GPU, Mainboard, IPC

Since 1995, we co-design boards with our clients, conduct pilot runs with eventual mass production of video arrays, mainboards, and niche industrial boards. 

See IPC and SECO ebrochures. We are a distributor of SECO. 


Cable, Charger, Powerbank

As the world progresses towards mobility, so too, in light of continued established business relationships, that our company is the same. Manufacturing niche cables; cables with embedded processors, chargers that protect devices, and power banks for portable computers. Our quality is seen world-wide under our clients' major brand names. Visit our other site Xmate.


I/O, Storage

Through years of close-knit trust, we design and manufacture peripherals for some of the top brands, exclusively. Notably keyboards, storage, I/O peripherals. We help to act as the bridge to closing communication gaps in international business and manufacture, and keep our clients' confidentiality intact, where key components need to be outsourced.